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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Language Revitalization

There was a segment on NPR about a group that found an unknown language in India, Koro.  The group, the Enduring Voices documents vanishing languages and cultures and assists with language revitalization.

Their suggestions to saving a language was give it respect, so the children will use it.  Young children are smart and will notice if you have two languages, which is being used more.  They had an example of some teenagers who were using the language for a RAP Song. 

I heard the same thing about another language in Mexico, where there is now a Rock Band for a language that is hardly used.  The result is its now seen as cool to use the language.

Lessons for this for Learning Chinese is how do you make kids have pride in Learning Chinese?  How to make it interesting.  What works with them.  Can you create a repetitious environment for Learning Chines that promotes learning?



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