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Friday, April 15, 2011

Movie Rules in China

Movie Rules in China 
  • Only 20 foreign films are allowed in a year (forcing lots of co-production, but then with censorship)
  • Censorship Rules -No sex, politics, violence, or time travel.
  • WTO Ruling may change the limit. 
  • Producers who upset those in power, can be prevented from making any new movies for a while.
  • Rampant piracy hurts domestic sales of movies.
  • The number of movie screens in China is expected to double in China in 2012
  • China ranked as #6 worldwide for box office revenue
  • Mandarin is the preferred language for mainland China (Hong Kong produces most movies in Cantonese, and then dubs them into Mandarin for the mainland Chinese market).
  • Korean Soap Operas with Chinese dubbing are becoming more popular.

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