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Monday, May 16, 2011

Why being a Teacher can be scary

Fairfax teacher found not guilty of molesting girl - Washington Post

The comments are worth a read.

I sent my daughter a Christian School for Kindergarten, and one of the major reasons was the teachers were willing to give hugs to kids.  It was a very loving environment and as a parent I appreciated that.

At public schools I was very uncomfortable when I was subbing when a little kid gave me a hug, asked me to tie their shoe laces, or adjust their pants (I had the Principal do this one - it was a strange pants/shorts combination).  I was also very careful never to be in a classroom with only one student (if I got there early, the class room door stayed close).  Yes, I was a bit paranoid, but it only takes one complaint, even if an innocent mis-understanding, to ruin your life.

From the comments:

What some people need to realize is that some kids in school, when they get a pat on the back or a hug from a teacher, have just received the one and only show of affection and positive reinforcement they'll get all day, because they won't get it at home. How terribly sad that we, as educators, can't do the things necessary to help children learn, and make them proud and happy while they're doing it. I can't even count the number of times students have run over to me and given me a big hug. I consider it a privilege to be a positive influence in their lives. It's a real shame that there are people out there who will give it a completely different interpretation, whether it be a student or an overzealous parent. I'm glad I'm close to retirement, and I hope I don't get hauled off to court for trying to help a needy student know that someone cares

Another sad story where the Teacher committed suicide after being accused.  What is worse is he was found innocent, but had not been told by the school in time.
His reputation sullied, teacher commits suicide False accusation leads to tragedy in Virginia city - Washington Post

The problem is with this type of accusation, once your accused your basically thought to be guilty, until your proven innocent.  And with the Internet it spreads so quickly.  And to fight it takes money, time, and has a huge emotional impact on your family.

Another scary story where a Vice Principal investigating Sexting ($150,000 and 1 year to fight the charge to clear it up). ‘Sexting’ Hysteria Falsely Brands Educator as Child Pornographer - Wired Magazine

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