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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Future of Chinese Labor?

Foxconn, that employees 1.2 Million people, with 1 Million in China, is going to buy 1 Million robots in the next 3 years.  Foxconn currently uses 10,000 robots.

The cost of a robot is more than just the cost of a robot.  There is a maintenance cost, as well as programming, and the people to support robots. Robots are very good for some tasks when properly used, the problem is in the past, they have often not been properly implemented to increase efficiency. What this signals to me is the cost of Chinese labor is increasing (no more super cheap labor), along with the cost of robots decreasing (price has not been released for the Robot to be used).

Foxconn to Replace a Portion of its Workers with 1 Million Robots - Macrumors

Look Out Humans – This FRIDA Robot From ABB Will Take Your Factory Job - Singularity Hub

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