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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rent a Riot?

Hmm, this sounds strange.

Why would Chinese newspapers report on this?  May be I am wrong, but I would not be surprised if this is a way to put down protests in China (there are a lot against corruption, since their is no other way unless your well connected to be heard.  China no longer reports the number of protests/demonstrations within China. 87,000 in 2005. 74,000 in 2004. 58,000 in 2003. 

Or may be this is a true problem.  The headache in China is knowing what is true, and what is not.

Hospital in China fends off angry mob - LA Times

In the latest incident involving violence by families of deceased patients, a hospital staff in Nanchang fights back. Some say the protests are a ploy for money.



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