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Monday, April 30, 2012

Bo Xilai’s Soap Opera Continues

Over 1200 comments, and many of them seem to be from Mainland Chinese going over the firewall!

What this means is there is a of anger over corruption and favoritism by Chinese.

And per a Wall Street Journal article, he got 3 tickets in Massachusetts while driving a Black Porsche Panamera ($80,000 or more).

Bo Xilai’s Son Speaks Out, Puts Foot in Mouth - Via Media

A friend of mine (who is very literate and from Taiwan), sent me the link to the crimson article, and commented:

An Exclusive Statement from Bo Guagua The Harvard Crimson.

Strange with all kinds of reports looking for sensational news, etc. However, it's a total different story as in "Murder in Coweta County" court scene!


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