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Monday, April 30, 2012

Film Industry - Who is taking advantage of who?

This is going to be interesting...
  1. The US film industry, Hollywood, has a long and proud tradition of taking money from outside investors. This has included the Japanese, Germans, French, and even GE. Keywords in this were synergy. The Movie industry is masters at creative accounting, also known as Hollywood Accounting (translation - net profits are known as monkey points for a reason).
  2. China is seen as growing market for movies.
  3. China has restrictions on the amount of US movies that can be show in China. Used to be 25, its been increased, but more of them need to be 3D.
  4. China's government sees the US movie industry as a huge reason for the spread of US culture world wide.
  5. China's government wants to push the Chinese culture worldwide - Confucius Institutes is an example of this.
  6. China's government would like their movie industry to be as successful as Hollywood.
  7. China's government does practice censorship of movies made in China, and influences what is produced by any Hollywood studio that does business in China.

The international film industry: Avatar 2: Made in China? -The Economist

Disney making 'Iron Man 3' with Chinese partner

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