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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chinese Leadership - What is going on?

Chinese Macbeth, with a Chinese version of Lady Macbeth is one description mentioned in the Economist and other places. The latest plot twists have surprised me.

Goodbye Everybody’: Social Media Censors Battle the Bo Xilai Deluge - WSJ

Bo Xilai's political demise - Downfall, part two - The Economist

Bo Xilai’s Gift to Chongqing: A Legal Mess - WSJ

This article was very insightful on the Chinese Leadership and the challenges they are facing, and why.
Fewsmith: After Bo, Beijing Still Has to Face Left - WSJ

If true, wow!
Fearful Final Hours for Briton in China - WSJ
Last week I noticed on the Economist the usual 50 Centers (people paid 50 cents per post to post a pro China government view), were unusually silent. I find it interesting to read the comments, they are often more informative than the store.



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