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Monday, April 16, 2012

Telegraph Coverage of Bo Xilai

Best coverage I have seen so far. Amazing what is coming out. The son may apply for asylum in the US. And how does a Bo Xilzy, supposed salary of  £300 a month, enablehisa son to go to Harvard for a Masters, Oxord, English Boarding School, and drive a Red Ferrari?

And as the wealth of the family comes out in China with the investigation, what impact will this have in China?
Exclusive: Briton killed after threat to expose Chinese leader's wife: sources April 16, 2012 The Telegraph

Neil Heywood 'poisoned by cyanide drops' in China - The Telegraph April 15, 2012
A British businessman found dead in China was killed with cyanide, it has been reported.

Neil Heywood mystery: Gilded lifestyle of murder suspect's son Bo Guagua - April 14, 2012. The Telegraph
New pictures have cast a fascinating light on the privileged lifestyle and influential circle of friends surrounding the son of ousted Chinese Communist party leader Bo Xilai.

Neil Heywood death: Bo Xilai's son 'escorted from his home near Harvard university by US officials' - April 13, 2012
The son of the Chinese power couple embroiled in the scandal over British businessman Neil Heywood's death was escorted from his home by US officials, as experts said he could obtain asylum in America.

Neil Heywood mystery: Bo Guagua, the student playboy who earned contempt of tutors, and forced Chinese diplomats into pleading his case April 13, 2012. Telegraph
Chinese officials intervened to prevent Bo Guagua, the Oxford student son of Bo Xilai, from being disciplined for failing to work.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many thousands of years of Chinese history have seen imperial monarchies. The People's Republic of China is an oligarchy.

April 17, 2012 at 7:57 PM  

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