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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

AP Chinese Level Textbooks

A customer contacted me asking about about a curriculumn that was AP Chinese Level.

First I suggested, since I assumed the students had some Chinese:
Magical Tour of China by Better Chinese
And then they mentioned they wanted a beginner package, and I suggested these:

Kuaile Hanyu (Happy Chinese)

Discovering Chinese - Learn Chinese through Stories By Better Chinese

Discovering Chinese and Magical Tour are both story based which is an approach I like. I am big into reading as a way to learn.  What I like about  Kuaile Hanyu is its made for teenagers, since teenagers can be challenging to teach and keep their attention. I suggested she look at the sample pages for each and see which book matches here teaching style and will work best with her students. I have found there is not one best textbook, but it varies. I have found some teachers love textbook A Series, but hate  B Series And then I have another teacher who is the exact oppositie, and loves textbook series B, but hates B.


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