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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Teaching Your Children About the Dragon Boat Festival

For many Asian-Americans, June is the season of the Dragon Boat Festival. This tradition of  celebrating this festival was handed down to us by our parents and their parents. And now, as parents, have the responsibility to teach this tradition to our children. 

This may sound hard, but don't worry, we here at Childbooks has compiled for you a list of resources you can use to help you teach your children the true meaning of the Dragon Boat Festival. Just have a look at our Dragon Boat Festival Resources Page, here you will find:

  • Dragon Boat lesson plan to help with teaching your child about the Dragon Boat Festival
  • Dragon Boat Festival slide show in PDF and PPT format to also help you with teaching
  • Dragon Boat Worksheets that you can download, print and use at home
  • Dragon Boat Festival Coloring Pages, a great activity for kids
  • link to the different books we sell about the Dragon Boat Festival
  • link to Dragon Boat Background, Customs, and History
  • and much more
You may even want to take your child to see a Dragon Boat Race. We have compiled a Dragon Boat Racing Event Calendar to let you know when and where the next Dragon Boat Race will be.

With this resource just a click away, you child will learn so much about the Dragon Boat Festival.



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