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Friday, November 9, 2012

13% of Chinese Blog Posts Censored?

Good article - this caught my eye:

A recent study by Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science of 11 million posts made on Chinese social media websites – but excluding Weibo – concluded that roughly 13 per cent of all blog posts in China are censored.

And four groups of new rich in China per the article:
  • First were the small-scale entrepreneurs – getihu – who sprang up in the early years of the reforms.
  • Second were the children of high-ranking officials, 'princelings’ who in the 1980s got rich by what became known as 'official racketeering’, using connections to gain control of surplus products generated by state enterprises.
  • Third were the land-speculators, whose Party connections enabled them to purchase choice parcels of land and secure loans from state-owned banks.
  • Fourth group are former managers of state-owned companies, who became wealthy during the rapid, notably corrupt conversion of public enterprises into private and stockholder-owned companies in the 1990s.

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