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Friday, October 26, 2012

Number of Chinese Students in US Dramatically Expands

Per a friend of a friend with a daughter at UCLA, there is a huge amount of Chinese at UCLA. Every room of her friends has a Chinese student, with each room having 3 students in it. UCLA and UC Berkeley are giving a priority to out of state and foreign students, since they pay more.

Number of Chinese Students in US Dramatically Expands - Voice Of America

It's hard to figure out the percentage of Chinese at UCLA, but this gives a clue:

2010 UCLA total was 24% out of state and international.  A previous blog post - http://blog.childbook.com/2011/04/ucla-and-uc-berkeley-admissions-by.html

And this article just came out:
“Independent Study” Shows UCLA is Cheating on Admissions - Ricochet.com



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