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Monday, November 19, 2012

Blog Spam

This blog is more of a hobby, and I get to write about what I like, which is usually related to Chinese Culture, Politics, Chinese Americans, Chinatowns, Chinese Food, and Learning Chinese. It's not usually a buy this type blog doing sell, sell, and more sell!

If you want to buy, please go to my website, and buy!

Meandering a bit here :-)

I just had to delete 58 at last count blog comments from the same person, all about a dress site. And it was not even my wife's dress site!  It was some site in the UK. Dumb. In blogger, all the comments got marked as SPAM. And Google, bless their automated hearts, pays attention and hatees SPAM as much as I do.

If your going to do SEO, get a clue and do it right! Don't SPAM people, it's bad manners, it upsets people (who may know a lot more about SEO then you and do something about your site, and it's actually hurts your search engine rankings.

While I was writing this, another 2 comments showed up from the same idiot.May be they are getting paid by the posting!



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