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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Review - Seeking Asian Female

I watched the movie last night with my wife, Seeking Asian Female on PBS. It's about a white guy who marries a Chinese lady, half his age (30 vs. 60). The Chinese lady changes his life in a lot of ways he did not expect. A great quote in the movie  "was marriage is hard".

My take:
  • The guy is very nice, but gets a lot more than he expected with Sandy, his wife.
  • Sandy, the wife is smart
  • The lady came from a very rural background, went to a large city and rose from being a factory worker to working in an office. I would not under estimate her.
  • Sandy and Steven actually seem to love each other (the marriage was more than just for a green card).
  • The film seems very truthful.
  • The director became a lot more involved then she expected
  • I would have liked to have heard more about the film makers relationship with her White husband (she is 3rd generation Chinese American, and grew up as an all American girl in Missouri).
  • I am surprised there are so many people involved as writers for the film.
The film has also won a bunch of awards.

The TV version only has 53 minutes, where the full version has 82 minutes.

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