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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Starting College at Age 12

And then starting her PhD at age 16. Amazing

And her parents comment, is anyone who spent 8 hours a day teaching their kids, would also have their kids in college by age 12.

My daughter advanced one grade, and I have mixed feelings on it. My wife and I saw no reason for her to repeat Kindergarten, but she had to do a bit of catch up. She came from a less academic school into academic 1st grade, and it was hard for her to catch up. And being a little older does help academically.

America's brightest teen? Girl who went to college at 12 now set to get PhD at 16 - Daily Mail
  • Tesca Fitzgerald began to play with computers at before the age of two
  • She skipped middle and high schools and went straight to college
  • Now a graduate, she is about to start her PHD later this year
  • Her two sisters appear to be just as clever

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