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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Aircraft Carriers in the Pacific

 India just launched their first one that will be ready in 2018. And Japan launched a destroyer in name only, that is an aircraft carrier. And rumors are China is building a 2nd one.

My view is Aircraft Carriers are becoming the status symbol of the 21st century, as Dreadnoughts were of the early 20th century.

My view is drones, which do not need a super carrier, and the increased risk of aircraft carriers to hyper velocity missiles, as well as ballistic missiles (ASBM) that target Aircraft Carriers.


Japan’s Aggressive Diplomacy Alienates Rivals & Friends Alike - Via Meadia

Hours after First Nuclear Sub, India Unveils First Home-Built Aircraft Carrier - Via Meadia

Asian Aircraft Carrier Race -- China Vs. India Vs. Japan - Forbes

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