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Monday, August 5, 2013

Learning Chinese Books & Chinese Reading Materials

School days are coming and you must be in the look out for effective and helpful learning Chinese books- textbooks, workbooks, story books and so on to help your child master a second language. 

You can be one of the two types of parents right now. Either you know what your child needs (based on the school curriculum) or you have absolutely no idea. Either way, I can definitely help you. I've been on this road many times and  I know what Chinese books fit what age. 

I've categorized the Chinese textbooks and resources that I sell at www.childbook.com according to age for easy access. 

For 0-2 years old, Chinese learning materials that I can suggest are as follows: 

  • Mandy and Pandy book series
  • Guess How Much I Love You
  • I Love You like Crazy Cakes
  • Elmer's Colors

  • For 3-5 years old, I can suggest the following Chinese reading materials: 

    40 Chinese Songs CD and Book #4, Hardcover - Chinese Children's Picture Book and CD in Mandarin and Traditional Characters with Bo Po Mo
    Fishing Song, 40 Chinese Children Songs CD and Book #4, Hardcover
    Our Price: $19.99

    (5 reviews)
    40 Nursery Rhymes and Children Songs in Mandarin
    • Great introduction for children on the sound and tone of Chinese language
    • Colorful picture book for young Children learning Bo Po Mo
    • Traditional Chinese Characters
    Set includes audio CD and book
    Mandy and Pandy Play - "Ni Hao Ma" and "Let's Count" Board Book with CD
    Bundle of Mandy and Pandy Books (2 books w CD)
    Our Price: $25.99
    Sale Price: $22.99
    You save $3.00!

    (3 reviews)

    BOOK 1: Mandy & Pandy say "Ni Hao Ma"

    Mandy and Pandy teach their audience how to say the popular phrase "Ni Hao Ma?" = "How are you?"

    BOOK 2: Mandy & Pandy Play "Let's Count"

    Mandy & Pandy go around the neighborhood and practice counting in Chinese. 

    Chinese Children Songs, 12 CD's, #3, Mandarin
    Chinese Children Songs Around The World, 12 CD's, Mandarin, #3
    List Price: $39.99
    Our Price: $29.99
    Sale Price: $24.99
    You save $15.00!

    Children Songs Around The World
    • 12 CD set, Mandarin
    • Total of 194 songs
    • Crystal Palace
    • Great selection for children to sing along
    Nursery Rhymes, Song and Dance #1 (2 CDs)
    Nursery Rhymes, Song and Dance #1 (2 CDs)
    Our Price: $19.99
    Sale Price: $14.99
    You save $5.00!

    A favorite of ChildBook customers, enjoyed by the kids.
    Chinese Nursery Rhymes that your kids will truly love!
    Let them learn the songs by playing it often as their background while they color, draw or even when they're playing.

    123 Animal Songs CD and Book, Traditional Chinese
    Our Price: $19.99
    Sale Price: $14.99
    You save $5.00!

    Let kids listen and sing along with numbers and animals while learning Chinese
    • Colorful and cute illustrations
    • For children ages 4-7 years old
    • includes 1 hardcover book and 1 CD


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