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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mulan at Segerstrom in OC

I missed it, the Segerstrom center was showing Mulan in Orange County, CA on July 22, 2013.

Mulan was my daughter's favorite movie when it first came out. We managed to get her the warrior Mulan costume, which unfortunate Disney stopped making. Disney focused on the Princess Mulan costume. Some place I have the cutest picture of my daughter on my Aunt's horse Sam, dressed up as Mulan.

On the Disney DVD of Mulan, there is also a Mandarin track. I am not sure if it's the mainland Chinese Accent or the Taiwanese. For the villain, the Beijing Accent version was done better.  The best Mulan voice was the Taiwanese accent version, where Coco did the voice and the singing.

I was selling the Chinese version of  Disney's Mulan on VHS. Obviously dating myself, by mentioning video tapes. Listening to Children's Mandarin DVD's is a great way to increase your Chinese ability.

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