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Monday, July 28, 2014

Free Range Kids

This story I found troubling. Brea is pretty close to my house and I have been to that Mall a lot. It has the only Apple store around.

Parents arrested after three-year-old girl is  locked alone inside 104 degree car for 20 minutes in shopping mall car park - Daily Mail

So the ethnic Korean parents got arrested, the kid can end up in foster care, and the child was not harmed.

And a few articles from Reason on similar circumstances, the charge for an 11 year old surprised me:

Mom Charged for Letting Her Daughter, 11, Wait in Car

Mom Leaves Daughter in Car, Daughter Survives, Mom Dies in Bank Robbery

Dad Left Kids in Car At Police Station Parking Lot. Now He's Got New Charges.

The author, Lenore Skenazy has this site and wrote a book:

The question, is how old does a child need to be to be left alone in a car?



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