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Monday, October 6, 2014

Rowland Heights Pandhandlers

I have noticed in the Rowland Heights area, there are a lot of pan handlers located off of the 60 freeway exits.

At Fairway and the 60, there is an Asian Man. Originally he was located at the Westbound Exit. People would ignore him, pretend he does not exist, and then he would wave his hand in front of their face. Or he would touch their car. I have also seen him deliberately push the button to walk, forcing the light to stop traffic. He has a limp, and smokes. He is very aggressive in his approach. He has now moved to the center of Fairway, where you make a left turn to get onto the Westbound 60.

At Nogales, there is a man with one leg, who stands in the middle of the divider of Nogales. Since Nogales is closed to traffic at Gale, I am not sure if he's still there. I have also seen a Hispanic man, selling Oranges right next to him.

At Azusa, I have seen an older man with his wife, asking for money. At the same exit, I have also seen a man around 20, with a sign saying he is hungry, asking for money. The first time I saw the sign I donated. I have also seen some others around 20 years old on Azusa, between the 60 Freeway and Colima asking for money.

I was reminded about panhandlers in Rowland Heights, after reading this article about a video:

You drive a better car than me! 'Homeless' elderly panhandler caught driving off in a brand new car - Daily Mail

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