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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bilingual Babies often have higher IQ's

My daughter is bilingual being fluent in Mandarin and English. I have seen a lot of Chinese parents who are afraid their child will do poorer in English, if they also speak Chinese. This study shows that learning two languages may increase their IQ.

My view is learning a second language, at any age, exercises additional areas of the brain. As you learn a new skill, or language, new neural pathways are being formed due to the theory of neuroplacity.

For raising a bilingual child, what my wife and I did, was I spoke English to my daughter, while my wife spoke Mandarin Chinese. And my daughter decided to improve her Taiwanese in high school, so she is now fluent in three languages.

Want your child to be clever? Teach them two languages: Study finds bilingual babies often show signs of having a higher IQ - Daily Mail

A series I like for Babies, that is basically a Video Flash Card, is:

Baby Learns Chinese, DVD Level 4,5,6 & Flashcards
Baby Learns Chinese, DVD, Level 4,5,6 & Flashcards Bundle (Green Box)
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Baby Learns Chinese DVDs # 4-6
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140+  Chinese words about
  • Sports
  • What to Wear and About the House
  • Transportation and Professions
This series uses the Doman method to teach babies to read.

Babies can learn to read because Chinese characters are just like pictures!

Baby Learns Chinese, DVD, Level 1,2,3 & Flashcards Bundle Blue
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This DVD set teaches 140+ Chinese words

DVD1- Body, Counting, Shapes and Colors

DVD2- Fruits and Food
DVD3- Farm Animals and Wild Animals
Flashcards I
  • The Doman method, used in the DVD, has proven countless times, yes, babies can learn to read!
  • Babies can read because Chinese characters are just like pictures!
See sample video clip inside

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