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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Crazy School Attendance Rules


Because Avery Gagliano, a 13 year old Piano Prodigy missed 10 days of school due to performances, she was considered a truant by the Washington DC school district. Avery Gagliano was a straight A student, and one of  Lang Lang's Music Foundations music ambassadors.

Avery is now being home schooled because of the threats from the School District of being considered a truant.

Avery Gagliano's mother from the name, appears to be ethnic Chinese (Ying Lam) and may be a bit of a Tiger Mom.

In D.C., a 13-year-old piano prodigy is treated as a truant instead of a star student - The Washington Post

And what is amusing, is now the Washington DC School district is calling the reporter and the Mother liars, excuse me the term is "false representation"

And during the summer, the family got a letter informing them their child was truant, and "along with a helpful brochure that outlines the possible police and Child and Family Services intervention for students who are truant."

Petula Dvorak: No misrepresentation of piano prodigy’s treatment by D.C. schools - Washington Post

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Blogger nobody said...

it is completely typical. she's too smart and too threatening to the low-IQ adults who populate the DC payroll. they want everybody to look like them and to be as dumb as they are.

September 11, 2014 at 12:24 PM  

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