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Monday, February 23, 2015

Future of Colleges

Good article that is a summary of a Washington Post excerpt from a new book.

The comments add a lot to the discussion.

My take:

  1. A US Supreme Court ruling basically destroyed using testing to figure out if somebody is suitable for a job. The work around for this is using a college degree to show base knowledge. My opinion is the ruling actually made things worse on finding good people. Note that the US military, that uses lots of testing, especially during World War 2, is exempt from this ruling
    Griggs vs. Duke Power Co.
  2. I question the assumption that colleges will go to a liberal arts typology. I don't see the economics that would drive this. The current structure of colleges in the US overall, is doing a poor job of education, with a high drop out rate, at a high cost.
  3. Credentialing is the biggest issue I see for the growth of MOOCS.
  4. If everyone is using the same material, from online classes for example if a video existed of the Feynman Lectures, what will differentiate a school then?
  5. Many businesses are frustrated with the output of colleges for the skills they are looking for.
School’s Out Forever - The American Interest

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