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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Accent Reduction for immigrants

LA Times today wrote about an industry of consultants in Accentuating the 'American' in their speech who help people reduce their accents. With children of immigrants this is a constant worry by the parents of their children learning English! For adults, I recommend Toastmasters, a great way to improve your public speaking ability and a very reasonable price. For children, they will get so much English from TV, the playground, and school that for K-7 accent should not be a problem. In higher grades, it depends if the kids spend all their time talking in their native tongue, they will never improve. I have seen that with some of my wife's friends who arrived at the same time. For children another great way to improve their English is take an acting class. In community colleges, their are also low cost classes that are a great deal, from Drama to Speech.



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