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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Chinese American - Who are they?

Definition of Chinese in the US is really interesting because it's all mixed up! Most marketers have no idea how confusing it is, so it's easy to upset this giant group that is labeled Chinese Americans.

Gold Rush Chinese - Some Chinese who came over here in the Gold Rush. Good friend of my Father's who is from Sacramento. Amount of Mandarin he knows - zero. Some Cantonese.

Taiwanese American - Came over starting in 1960's with change of immigration law. You have FOB (Fresh Off the Boat, which should change boat to plane). My daughters comments are these are the coolest since they have the latest fashions. Two subgroups are 49's (people who fled the communist revolution in 1949 and those who were in Taiwan before. Have ABC - American Born Chinese. Generations 1, 2, 3, etc. If can read Chinese, prefer Traditional Characters. Do not send them letters in simplified Chinese Characters. Tips - avoid talking politics and figuring out what the difference between Red, Green, and Blue are.

Overseas Chinese - Example of a friend from Thailand, who is ethnic Chinese (descendant of Chinese Traders).

China - Starting after Nixon restored relations with China. Big boost after Tianamen square in immigration. Lots of people used a law congress passed to stay in the US. Prefer simplified Characters. Many regions of China, so lots of variety. Probably from coastal areas because that is where the economic growth has happened. Fujian, Guangjou, Beijing are popular provinces. Education and wealth varies tremendously.

And all of the above groups do inter-marry :-)

Religion - Varies from none to Christian to Islamic to Buddhist.

Food - Great!



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