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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Learning Chinese System including textbook, workbook, and CD!

10 Level Learning Chinese System - Practical Chinese

"Practical Chinese" book series, also known as "The Effective Way of Learning Reading, Writing, and Speaking Chinese" was originally written for the author's three American born children to learn Chinese. It is designed to teach Chinese as a second language, focusing more on daily conversation and verb usage, which is different from the traditional learning style that emphasizes writing. When the book series was first introduced, it unexpectedly became overwhelming popular.

Learning Chinese Coloring/Activity Book, Simplified Characters

Level Descriptions
Beginner 1 - Numbers, People, Occupations, Family Members
Beginner 2 - Self-Introduction, greeting, animals, likes/dislikes.
Level 1 - My family, schools, friends and myself
Level 2- Self-introduction and self description
Level 3 - calendar, interests, occupations, toys, animals...
Level 4 - Daily conversation (shopping, directions, time, ...)
Level 5 - Introduction to the Chinese Festivals
Level 6 - Introduction to the Chinese Dynasties
Level 7 - Introduction to the Chinese famous people, inventions, and events.
Level 8 - Introduction to the Chinese Idioms and phrases

Games for Learning Chinese, Traditional Characters - provides more than 50 learning activities to make learning fun, easy, and more effective.Cd's/Cassettes are available for each level of textbooks from beginner 1 to level 8.

Wendy Lin, the author is a Chinese teacher and has two master degrees from US universities.

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