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Friday, January 4, 2008

Chinese American Education Expectations

It's an obsession among many Chinese in the US for their kids as is getting them into the right school. Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley are preferred.

At a dinner at my daughter's Elementary School, the Principal was very proud that graduates of the associated High School went to Loyola, Citrus, Mt. Sac, Cal State Fullerton, and equiv. The problem was for the Chinese parents, those colleges were either community colleges or local colleges, or state. Good colleges, but not at the level of a Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, MIT, or even UCLA. This type of misunderstanding probably explains why most students left the school after fifth grade to go to public schools for Middle and High School.

After school programs are also done by many ethnic Chinese parents in order to help their children's chances into great schools. As well as the outside activities. And yes, some students do get burned out with all the extra activities they are doing.

I have started a new Category for School Advice Books such as getting good
Grades, Study Skills, and College Admission Books .

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