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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chinese New Year Events - Growth in

I have been doing the largest list of Chinese New Year Events in the US and Canada since 2004. What I have noticed is there is an increase in the number of events. The question is why?

Some guesses:

1. Casino's have figured out many Chinese love Chinese love to Gamble. So it makes economic sense. Casino's in Las Vegas have been having Chinese, HK, and Taiwan pop stars play at their Casino's.

2. Increase in the Chinese population in the US. Around 3 Million in the US in 2005 per census figures. Asian's are 3% of the US population.

3. Number of parents who have adopted Children from China. Around 62,000 adoptions in the US of Children from China.

4. Increased interest in China due to it's increased economic power.

5. Perhaps the Internet has made it easier to find Chinese New Year events.



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