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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Why is it so hard to find Chinese New Year Events

I am still working on updating the Events list for Chinese New Year and getting a bit frustrated.

I know Chinese New Year is big in Las Vegas, but why can't I find any information about what the Casino's are doing on the web?

Here is a great example, neat web site if you have the time http://www.taolasvegas.com/ but nothing on what they are doing for Chinese New Year. Tao is at the Venetion.

Another example, Caesar's Palace - horrible looking web site. My guess is they did not get the memo about Las Vegas profits coming from more than just booking rooms and gambling. Shows, shopping, etc. are profit makers.

Articles about Chinese New Year in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Sun about Chinese New Year events at Las Vegas Casinos - 2006

NY Times about Chinese New Year events at Las Vegas Casinos - 2007

So what is the solution? E-Mail each one? Go down to the local Chinese bakery and look at the posters?



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