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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Adopted Chinese Parents - Learning Chinese

There are some Families with Children from China who work hard to keep their children bilingual in Chinese and English. The majority don't (my 10 years experience selling Learning Chinese Products). There are probably slightly more adopted parents who are having their children learn Chinese than the general population.

With a new baby/child in the family, parents are usually just trying to keep their head above water as they adjust to how their entire life has changed. Their is also the fear that if they try to keep up being bilingual, it will somehow hurt their child's ability to learn English. My High School daughter is bilingual, as is many of her friends, and their English is better than mine (who is monolingual). There is so much Learning Chinese Material out there, and more and more schools are teaching Chinese. Many non-Chinese are also learning Chinese and sending their kids to school to learn it.

Here is a list of reasons to learn Chinese I wrote up

At a minimum, I suggest keeping them exposed to the Chinese culture. There is so much wonderful cultural history from China and materials from English, there is no excuse not to. There are more Chinese restaurants in the US than their are McDonalds!

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