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Friday, July 18, 2008

Apple opens store in China!

Lucky Chinese! Apple just opened their first Apple store in China. I don't have an Apple currently, but I do have a huge soft spot for them. Especially after doing trouble shooting.

A friend of my wife called last night asked how much I paid for my Dell laptop, since she had just bought one. She also asked what she should do about all the spyware and viruses on here Dell. My comment was buy a Mac. And for the why, my guess was teenage son who is probably doing file sharing.

And a friend asked why is there anti-virus software for Mac's; Marketing was my answer, it's not needed.

Hopefully China will soon legally get the iPhone, outside of Hong Kong.

My computer history:
  1. TRS 80 that only had 40 character display (so it only showed half a line on a TV). Sold within a few months. Fun for programming in basic. May have used cassette tape drive.
  2. Apple IIE with a CPM Card. WordStar for word processing! 5 1/4 disk drives, two of them. Also VisiCalc (the first spreadsheet).
  3. Mac SE with two 3.5 disk drives! MS Word for word processing, what a change from WordStar. Fonts! And easily doing Bold and such. Purchased during my Senior year at college.
  4. Get married, and due to work buy a 286 with word perfect, since my company uses IBM clones. First job involves desktop publishing on a PC, it's challenging using Ventura. Macintosh is so much easier to use, but the cost. Useful for C programming class I am using.
  5. Buy a Mac+ and LaserPrinter doing Desktop publishing at home.
  6. Buy a Pentium 1 with Windows for work reasons. Windows 95/98.
  7. Buy a Compaq desktop with Windows XP Home. I no longer understand the chip designations. My wife buys an IBM laptop that has a wonderful keyboard!
  8. Buy my Dell Laptop.



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