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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Red Thread - Chinese Adoption Myth

There is an ancient Chinese belief that an invisible, unbreakable red thread connects all those who are destined to be together. It is a red thread that is tied around the ankles of those who are destined to meet.

The Red Thread by Grace Lin is a cute book of this story.

The color red symbolizes good luck, happiness, joy, life's energy, and for brides, since it is of energy as symbolized by fire. This is why you get Red Envelopes for Chinese New Year filled with money!

The Red Thread myth is very popular in the Chinese adoption community with a lot of businesses using that name including a custom Chinese Adoption Video service, a Chinese Adoption Agency named Red Thread, and with even a magazine of that name, Red Thread Magazine. With the huge amount of children adopted from China, there also happens the orphanage family. There is a connection among the parents who go as a group together to China and use the same adoption agency.

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