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Friday, July 18, 2008

Running an Internet Business with no Internet?

This happened to me Wednesday morning. I come in to my office, and no Internet. It cost me a good two hours of wasted time, and a bit of stress.

So I call up Verizon and have an hour long chat with them. I finally gave up. The landlord shows up and I get on the phone with Verizon since I have all the info. to get through their system, and I end up in some automated purgatory. No, it was worse that purgatory. I could not get out of it, repeatedly pressing 00000 or ###### or ****** did nothing! The system finally agreed I had a problem and I handed the phone to the landlord. I thought it might be counter productive for me to speak to Verizon at that time. Somehow the landlord got it working again, I am not sure how. We had changed out 3 hubs and I could get Internet access at the modem, but none after the hub.

And when a customer called and left a message about the status of their order. I could truthfully say it was shipped and I did take my laptop down to the modem to get some Internet access, so I could call back the customer. At least I did not get a phone order while it was out.

So I went home, printed out my orders, and came back. Luckily there was Internet access in the afternoon so I could print out my postage.

When your running an online business, and your information is all online, having your Internet out is pretty annoying.



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