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Monday, August 25, 2008

China's areas to work on

Areas China should work on:

1. Increasing the value of schooling (the quality varies).
2. Handling the increased urbanization of the population.
3. Environmental issues
4. The demographic imbalance that is coming due to the one child policy.
5. Implementing intellectual property protection (needed to move up the value food chain).
6. Reducing corruption.
7. Some type of Social Security for the coming wave of retirees.
8. Rule of law (property rights are a big issue).
9. Protecting the made in China Brand
10. Energy Savings
11. Making investment more productive overall, instead of based on relations and politics.
12. Work on the Rich/Poor divide that has been increasing. Investments in poorer regions is already happening.
13. Health care - ties with issue of corruption. Quality varies tremendously.
14. Investing in the right industries that will help China in the future. This is a tricky one that most countries have done a poor job at.
15. Reducing the use of Nationalism to keep the ruling party in power. This is such a tricky balancing act since the wide spread use of texting allows feedback from the overall country.



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