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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Best Asian breakfast restaurants in Los Angeles

Best Asian breakfast restaurants in Los Angeles from the LA Times. Yes, this morning I had a Fan Twan with cold soy bean milk (traditionally should be hot) for breakfast. My bribe to get my daughter out of bed to keep her on a regular schedule since school starts this morning.

A Fan Twan is sticky rice, with a Chinese Donut inside, along with some dried pork and often Chinese pickles.

The list in the LA Times is around San Gabriel area, which is about 20 minutes from my house in good traffic. The place I went to was around 5 minutes, in the Hong Kong Plaza near Fullerton and Colima. On weekends the service is horrible, but the food is good. No competition in the area, unfortunately. I do want to convince my favorite Chinese bakery to start selling Soy Bean Milk, it would go great with the rolls and pastries they sell. They sell Coke and 7 Up, but not Soy Bean Milk? Hello, what is your customer more likely to buy? I also have a dream of convincing them to make and sell Fan Twans, there service is a lot nicer. Nei Nei Bakery on Colima in Rowland Heights is our neighborhood Chinese Bakery with a good selection, wonderful service, and nice people.



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