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Saturday, August 16, 2008

HomeSchooling in CA

Recently a CA court overturned their ruling against Home Schooling in California. Court reverses, declares home schooling legal in Calif. This is great news! The initial ruling was you had to have a teaching credential in order to home school. And my guess is the next step would have been requiring a teaching credential in each area.

The school my daughter went to for Kindergarten was a Christian School that had heavy involvement with a lot of home schoolers whom we met at the yearly talent show. I also got a nice order for some Learning Chinese Textbooks from a Home Schooling family. I also have a section that is focused on Home Schooling Learning Chinese Resources including lots of free stuff.

And I do have a teaching credential in two areas (Business and Social Studies for grades 7-12) in California. My opinion is there is so much unnecessary junk in the teaching curriculum that is there to look good, but does not really teach you how to teach. Teach for America is an example of what can be done without going through a teaching credential program and get amazing results.



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