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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Good Article on complexity of China

Should we give China a break - from the Washington Post.

The article discusses a lot of the stereotypes of China. I liked the one he punctured of the group style of the Chinese, and then asking if you had ever been run over getting off a plane with Chinese on it scrambling to disembark.

My daughter, who can be pretty sarcastic, picked up a stereotype I had never heard during the opening ceremonies was how per NBC, even the Chinese behind the counters in McDonalds were so precise. My daughter's comment was so you want fry's with that?

My 2 cents, in China in everyday life being super precise, not really. I have worked with ones who are super detailed through training (like my wife's accounting training), and others who are so sloppy and make so many mistakes it's hard to be around. Now in Japan I still remember a noodle shop, a hole in the wall, where the cook/server/probably owner reminded me of my Karate teacher with his beautiful, graceful, perfect movements that was just so Zen.



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