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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Learning Chinese Textbooks - How to find them

Navigation on my site is interesting.

So if you were looking for Learning Chinese Textbooks, how would you get there from the main page?

There are actually three ways:

1. Under Books, Chinese Language on the main menu, there is a link to textbooks after you choose Simplified Chinese Character books or Traditional Chinese Character books for kids
(I got tired of people asking me how I they know which one they are buying, so I separated them). which then takes them to this wonderful chart Textbooks, Learning Chinese Traditional Characters that goes here http://www.childbook.com/Learning-Chinese-Textbooks-s/164.htm

http://www.childbook.com/Learning-Chinese-Textbooks-s/164.htm has a chart showing the differences between the Chinese Made Easy, Practical Chinese , and Kuaile Hanyu (Happy Chinese)

2. Under 4-14 Children/Kids Learning Chinese Products on the main menu has a sub-category Chinese Curriculum Text Books, CD, Workbooks, and Software for Learning & Teaching Chinese that goes http://www.childbook.com/Learning-Chinese-Curriculumn-Textbooks-CD-s-Software-s/244.htmthat has a nicer looking table, obviously a later version that showing the differences between the Chinese Made Easy, Practical Chinese , and Kuaile Hanyu (Happy Chinese).

3.. Under Teaching and Home Schooling Resources for Learning Chinese & China's Culture from the main menu has a sub-category that links to http://www.childbook.com/Learning-Chinese-Curriculumn-Textbooks-CD-s-Software-s/244.htm



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