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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chinese Children Problems in the US

My wife was reading the Chinese Daily News that had an article about some new problems in the Chinese community. Some parents will send their newborns back to China to be taken care of by the grand parents, and of course they are spoiled rotten. Often around age 5 or 6 they come back here to live with the parents. One parent, the Father may be working out of state in a restaurant, and the Mother is working long hours. So the kid becomes a latch key kid and may not do that great educationally and may even get involved with gangs.

I would appreciate a link to the original story if anyone can sent it to me from the Daily News, the pictures alone are worth it.

Another challenge is parents who send their kids to school in the US, while they stay in Taiwan or China. Often the parents have no adult supervision, not even relatives, for those in High School. Dangerous combination, high school, cars, no adult supervision often means problems. Yes, the majority turn out fine. There is also a lot of anger when it's hard for the parents to get a Visa to visit their kids in the US.



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