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Monday, October 6, 2008

Christianity in China

The Economist has an excellent article, Christianity in China. Chinese Christians may outnumber members of the communist party. There are official Christian Churches in China (like the official Catholic Church where the Chinese government appoints priests), but there is a lot of house churches with most of them Protestant. Per official Chinese government figures there are 21 million Christians in China, but other figures have the number up to 130 Million. There are only 64 Million communist party members.

Christianity has an interesting history in China with ties to many American families that supplied missionaries to China there, the most famous being Henry Luce who founded Time Magazine. The leaders of the Taiping Rebellion were Christian.

I do need to start stocking some Christian CD's, I used to carry some Christian tapes and CD's in Mandarin, but the discount shrunk below what was economical for me.



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