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Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Year Spectactular at Costco

Not what I expected at my local Costco in City of Industry!

Chinese New Year Calendar Events, Parades, and Festivals has a list of all the Cities in the US that the Chinese New Year Spectacular is in. And yes, I know who's behind it - so what, the show is amazing from the reviews I have read the couple of years I have been following it, and they have around 50 shows around the world. They even had a book at Costco with scenes from the Chinese New Year Show!

The group putting it on has done an amazing job on the publicity and it's the largest Chinese New Year Show I know of...

I don't mind getting review tickets either... And no, the picture of me wearing a Chinese costume, I think it was also yellow with the hat that was so tight it left marks on my head, is not going to be uploaded anytime soon ;-) If you have wedding photographs done in a Chinese studio you can also wear similar costumes. I have a super cute picture of my daughter as a Chinese Princess wearing the same style of costume.

Picture from Costco of the Divine Performing Arts Table:

My daughter's picture from a while ago:



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