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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Chinese New Year Spectacular

Event: Chinese New Year Spectacular by Divine Performing Arts

Overall the show was very well done, I wish there was a bit less religion.


  • My favorite piece was the one with the Monkey King, I wish they had more of him.
  • The Moon one I wish they had translated more!
  • The announcers did a nice bilingual announcements (mixing both Chinese and English and keeping it interesting).
  • My tickets were supposed to be closer, but what was agreed in Costco and when later I did the order over the phone in my car were different. Annoying! I should have checked while doing the phone order and had them call back when I was at my PC so I could double check the seats. At least later on they allowed people to move up which made me feel much better.
  • The dancing was amazing!
  • Colors in the costumes were wow!
  • Whenever there was singing, it mentioned Falun Dafa (Falun Gong).
  • One of the acts were about prosecution of Falun Dafa and was done in such a way to get a lot of sympathy.
  • The gathering of marketing surveys (audience feedback) was smart.
  • Everything I have seen as an outsider shows a very well organized group that has 3 troupes performing a very entertaining show, that also has in places some religious undertones.
  • I liked how they did the projector screen in the back, very well done

1. One of the great core values of the US is the separation of Church and State. I wish China acted the same way. Yes, I know about the Taiping Rebellion and Boxer Rebellions - both religious based rebellions in China.

2. Two shows that one should see, even if not Christian, are Glory of Christmas and Glory of Easter. Both are amazing, located at the Crystal Cathedral in Southern California.




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