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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Chinese Brides in Taiwan

Two articles from the BBC News.
There are 250,000 Chinese spouses in Taiwan, which make up 20% of all marriages. 23 Million people in Taiwan. Fertility rate of 1.2%. About 5% of all Taiwanese live in China, or 1.1 Million. Cost for match making services is NT$300,000 or about $10,000 US. There is also a lot of opportunity for people working in China to find a Chinese spouse.

The marriage rate per year of Chinese spouses in Taiwan was about 30,000, then there was a crackdown bringing it down to 14,000 per year in 2007, and now it will probably go up to 30,000 again with the latest changes. There are also over 50,000 spouses from other countries that had more lenient rules than the Chinese Brides, but that has now changed.

My guess is in another 10 years, there will be over 500,000 Chinese brides in Taiwan, or about 5% of the population. Currently it's about 2.5% of the population.

Now, if you combine the brides with their husbands that is 5% of all people living in Taiwan, and in 10 years would be 10%. And how many families now have a brother, son, uncle, etc. who has married somebody from Mainland China. What is the opinion of these family members? Thanks God my male relative finally married? Or negative. What percentage of these people vote? Does their voting record change after marriage? I am sure that somebody is thinking about the potential voting block here, especially when you look beyond just the 2.5%.

Per the Taipei Times there is also a fall in Taiwanese studying in the US (another blog post) since I was lucky enough to marry a Taiwanese whom was studying in the US 20 years ago.



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