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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chinese Flash Card Games

So you bought some Chinese Flash Cards, now what? Do you in solitaire just memorize them? Flip them over if you don't know them, and put the ones you don't know in a separate stack from the ones you know?

What you can do is making flash cards fun. To help this, it's helpful to find another person or more who is learning Chinese so you can make this more fun and add some competition in it.

Some Games for using Chinese Flash Cards:

1. With two or more people, have a competition on who can say the word the fastest. If doing this individually, time yourself and award the winner by accuracy, amount done correct in a given time, etc. There are a lot of ways to measure this if you decide to do it solitary. If done with 2 or more, the person who gets the word correct gets the card. After all words have been done correctly, the one with the most cards win.

2. Put 10 Flash Cards on the ground. Say a word and the first person who says the word is the winner for that round. The teacher can continue to say the word, or then have the person who said the word choose another card and say the word on it. This can also be done with teams, and points can be tracked on the board. Children love to play on teams and keep count. Or hold up a flash card and see which team says it first.

3. Play Bingo with one Flash Card Set - Create a grid 3 by 3 on the board. Bingo will be defined as any three in a row (don't get me started on Bingo Games, I am a caller for the Booster Bingo at my daughter's school). Select 27 cards at random and put the 3 Chinese word in each square. Divide the class into two teams. Hold up a card, and the first team to get it right if that square matches gets that square.

4. Playing Bingo with two flash card sets. Set up a 3 x 3 grid on the board. Fill it in with 9 Chinese words from the flash cards. Distribute one set of flash cards to the class. Create two teams if enough students. Keep one flash card set yourself and separate out the 9 cards, and hold up one flash card. The student have to check their flash cards to see if it matches. Then the team has to say the word correctly. If they don't say it correctly, the other team has a chance. The team that wins a round gets the bingo square.

Other Sites with Flash Card ideas:

ESL, EFL and TEFL Games and Activities - Great quote from the site: Flashcards are probably the most important resource that any teacher can have especially when teaching younger children. The site has a great list of Games!

Flashcard games | Teaching English | British Council | BBC - BBC has a great site for Learning English and the ideas can also be used in Teaching Chinese.

Flashcard Games & Activities Frame - Lots of ideas for Flash Card Games for the class room.

Flashcard Games to Practice Spelling Lists: Spelling Activities - OK, but not great.



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