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Friday, December 26, 2008

What Chinese American Parents do to help their kids

Chinese Parents's Influence on Academic Performance - From a Journal on Bilingual Education. Summary - Chinese Parents have a great influence on their kids Academic Performance.

From personal experience, Chinese parents in the Rowland Height area here is a list of what I have seen.

Please add to it as needed.
  1. Huge expectations for the kids academically.
  2. Massive guilt trips if their kids don't do well. Do you know how much I sacrificed, or when I was your age I was #1 in my class, or ...
  3. They have a pass/fail expectation. A is pass, everything else is Fail.
  4. Will have their kids go to after school tutoring for Math and English.
  5. Will have their kids attend SAT prep. schools that are not cheap.
  6. Usually less emphasis on sports, cheer, and sports related areas. Tennis and Badminton are exceptions.
  7. Will move to a better school district for their kids.
  8. Will go into debt so their kids can go to a great school.
  9. Will pay advisors to help their kid get into a great school.
  10. Will go on trips to visit top schools on the East Coast.
  11. Target is often Ivy League.
  12. Will push their kids with a specific career goal. Hmm, your sister will be a Dr., you will be an Engineer.
  13. Will often go out to Starbucks if their child is studying late.
  14. Will always go to back to school and such.
  15. Will push their kids to join Orchestra and will then get top talent to tutor them with after school lessons (as long as the main grades don't go down).
  16. Will have their kids Learn Piano. In the local Piano Association, 90% of the students are either Chinese or Korean.
  17. Will tutor their kids in Math through Geometry, often higher.
  18. Give gifts to teachers at Christmas (even if their child dislikes the Teacher).

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