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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Got Blogs mixed up again

Yep, I posted a cool post about Toyota's rumored solar car on my Learning Chinese Blog. Lesson - don't do a blog post at 5AM in the morning. I was hoping to quickly do some blogs posts this morning because there was a family vote of we are going someplace today! May be overnight! And my thought is, hmm..., my blog! I spent a couple of hours last night figuring out where to go in the area taking into consideration the current likes and dislikes of my family.

What Actually Happened:

My daughter slept in, so certain things did not get done, so no overnight trip. Instead saw a movie (Slumdog Millionaire - good movie), got some shopping done including my Father's BD present, and had a wonderful dinner at Rutabegorz after our first choice had 45 -60 minute wait (Felix Continental Cafe - A+ place with wonderful Cuban Food). Then stopped by Fry's to get #1 daughter some earbuds, so I could get my nice ones back.

And what actually happened would not have been possible without my iPhone (who's earbuds my daughter has been borrowing since she broke hers 2 weeks ago, again). Got directions to the game store, checked the movie time, and found another restaurant using Yelp after we saw the wait at Felix Continental Cafe. And Yelp is the reason why I don't have any plans to start Chinesediner.com again. I have used Yelp a lot on finding restaurants and it's a free download for iPhones. When I went to Denver for a tradeshow it was very helpful in a city that was pretty new to me.



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