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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Follow Jade Video for Learning Chinese

Follow Jade is one of my favorite video's for introducing Chinese to kids. She has two of them, Follow Jade - Let's Visit Chinese Kindergarten in DVD and Follow Jade! Learn Chinese: Let's Go to Market in China DVD .

What separate these video's from others is the method Jade Qian uses in teaching Chinese to children in the video's. Parents I have spoken to have praised the technique and told me it's head and shoulders above other Learn Mandarin Chinese Video's/DVD's for Kids/Children. The video's each teach 40 words of Chinese and are 30 minutes long, which is pretty standard for Learning Chinese Video's. The author has a lot of experience teaching non native speaking kids Learning Chinese/Mandarin, and it shows. Jade uses a lot of activity based techniques that are a great way to teach.



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