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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ChildBook's Review of the Week

We are pleased to feature for this blog post ChildBook's Review of the Week by Hyojung Kuo.

Review of the week for ChildBook product - "The Adventures of Walker and PingPing: The Great Wall" DVD

"Along with "the river dragon king", walker and ping ping series are great. I wish there are more of these dvds- fun and effective. I believe you need to study the country's history and culture to be fluent in a foreign lanuage and I especailly like this dvd because of that."

Thank you for your comment.

We'd also like to invite other people who have our products to please write a review. If you got the books we have from other places other than ChildBook, it is alright to join as well. Please write a review so other customers - parents like you, can choose better materials for their children.

Please do write a review, and rate others' reviews as well. Thanks.

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