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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Next Week Tradeshow Time

Next week I am helping out a friend again at a trade show in Florida. My first time to Florida! The headache is it's on business :-( And we are so close to Disneyworld. We are flying in Monday and flying out Friday night.

And I am still in catch up from last week from my daughter's finals. Her AP Euro Teacher had a really nice comment on her report card (excellent teacher, who is also known to be a GPA killer). Good news is a web site I was doing for a client is almost done! Yes, on the side when I am not running childbook.com and helping out with EliteDresses in my spare time (ya, right), I also do Search Engine Optimization, Marketing Consulting, and E-Commerce Web Design. The good news is it keeps me from getting bored!



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